I am an applied researcher interested in understanding and practically addressing the social aspects of businesses operating in rural contexts.

The questions I’m most passionate about: What are some conflicts and trade-offs appearing when using business approaches to improve the life of rural communities? And what can we do to make business in a more inclusive and sustainable way? I work in the Colombian and Latin American context and focus on inclusive business models and digital agricultural technologies reaching small farmers.

I combine a solid theoretical focus with a hands-on approach.

My experience

Over the last 10+ years, using my training in business, social sciences, rural sociology, and sustainability, I have worked as a consultant, researcher, lecturer, and project manager.

As an independent consultant on corporate social responsibility, inclusive & social business, I have worked with all-size companies, developmental organizations, NGOs, and small farmers’ organizations. Mainly I have developed methodologies, comparative analysis, identifying good practices, systematizing case studies, and facilitating co-creation spaces. I use a rigorous academic perspective to deliver results that are relevant for action.

Seeking to take my practice to a higher level of involvement, at the beginning of 2015, I co-founded Innove, a company based in Medellin (Colombia), an organization conceived as sustainability think and do tank. Over four years, we accompanied companies in their reflection on sustainability. We were a member of the leading team of Sustainable Antioquia, an initiative to localize the Sustainable Development Goals.  Starting in 2021, I co-founded Huella Delta, a collective benefit and interest company (BIC) based in Colombia that combines an understanding of markets and business development with the social and environmental dynamics surrounding the lives of communities. Our purpose is to accompany rural communities in developing market relationships that advance their capacity to be fair, inclusive, profitable, and sustainable.

During my doctoral studies in Rural Sociology, I deep dive into the social and ethical implications of digital technologies in agriculture, particularly for small farmers. I centred my analysis on the Colombian context.

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